The TD posting software allows its users to write, edit and customize your ad title and body in their desired ways. They can bring variations before posting their ads.
This is very simple. At the end of each day, you will receive an email confirmation on the ads posted on CL.  You will receive this at your registered email id.
The TD posting software has an inbuilt mutation manager that can post ads at the bottom of each ad randomly with multiple serial numbers. This makes one ad different from the other. It can make each of your ads unique.
Geo-targeting is a process to restrict the audience to a certain geographic area for viewing your Craigslist ads. You can set your region to direct your message for maximizing your ad efficacy. On Craigslist, you can post from your location along with two adjoining locations. When you post with the TD posting software, you can post ads in your desired location across the globe, crossing the interface of your location and two adjoining locations.
You should try with an authentic craigslist posting software named TD Posting.
Setting up Software is much easier. As soon as you get started with TD Posting, you receive an email with a download link. Just clicking on this link you can download the software to your PC. After the successful installation, you get your username and password. Using these, you can log in and set your content for Craigslist posting. You can change the credential later.
You need Craigslist posting software to save time and labor and avoid repetitive and boring job of posting thousands of ads in a day. You can get rid of the risk of being flagged or ghosted. If you are posting randomly with the same words and keywords, chances are higher of getting your ads flagged or ghosted. TD Posting software helps you avoid this easily.
Flagging means reporting ads as SPAM on Craigslist posting. As a consequence of repetitive flagging, the ads get down after a period of time. When you post ads on craigslist, using TD Posting software, the chances of being flagged become lower. It guarantees 100% Live Ads.
TD Posting is pay-as-you-go software. It charges a posting fee for each ad. You can buy and post ads at your own pace with no minimum commitment or contract.
Although there are many Craigslist posting software introduced in the market, TD Posting rules the roost for its agility, flexibility and scalability. It is faster, safer and secure. It ensures optimum data protection.