How to Post on Craigslist® Nationwide

Craigslist® dominates online classified ad networks operating globally and offers unique and challenging opportunities to post in multiple locations, bet it to offer services and employment or sell merchandise.

To be successful in your Craigslist® ad postings there are some roadblocks that may cause you to spend unnecessary time and effort to reach the widest audience possible. Read on and you’ll see what these hurdles are and how new technology from can save you time and money in posting.

So, do not directly copy and paste the first ad (that you have already posted on Craigslist® in one city or state) and then post the same ad in a different city or state. That’s because the second ad will probably be flagged or ghosted by Craigslist® as duplicate content under its terms of use.

We’re going to show you a way through our advanced Craigslist® posting software at how to not have to spend the time and effort to repost time and time again in order to get your ad out in different locations.


Step 1 

To post ads nationwide, you need to create a Craigslist® account. Click on “my account” and “sign up for an account.” Enter all fields required, including “captcha” Get your user name and set a password.

Step 2  

Find the Craigslist® website for the state or city where you want to post your first Craigslist® ad. Go to the right side of the homepage and click on the city or state where you want to post.

Step 3

Now, click on the “Post to Classifieds” button, choose the category and create a title, description and price. Upload one or more images according to your needs. Select your location before posting the ad and click on “Continue” to have a preview of your ad. If you find everything satisfactory for the ad, you can agree and accept the Craigslist® Terms of Use and publish it on Craigslist®.

If you want to post another ad in another city or state, you need to go the applicable Craigslist® website for that city or state and repeat step 2 and step 3. If the subject matter is the same, you cannot post the same ad again. You will be required to make some changes in the content and title to avoid spamming and mitigate flagging as long as you follow the proper terms and conditions.

There is a quick and effective shortcut to this process. Take advantage of our advanced Craigslist® posting software to not have to spend the time and effort to repost time and time again in order to get your ad out in different locations. We’ll do the work for you!


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